We value the work it takes to organize and appreciate the partnership with our influencers!

     Decision makers today are increasingly discovering that traditional marketing & promotion efforts just aren’t enough. Influencers are now the emerging points of contact when implementing creative strategies impacting promotions. They now capture targeted audiences many find difficult to reach using advertising strategies. The Shilohway is well abreast of these emerging changing and have become proactive; realizing influencers are a valuable contribution and a must have reaching targeted audiences! We’ve decided to open the door incorporating changes, how we engage event planning including; offering influencers opportunity to utilize their platforms and/or audiences to earn money!


     If you’re an influencer and can engage groups to support a product, an event or special function etc.… The Shilohway believes you can be a support to us while earning compensation in the process. It’s simple; here’s how it works: Can you organize a group of 10 or more people to attend any of our events? If so, you’ll earn 10% commission from the total order, plus an influencer fee of £32.50! Isn’t that simple enough? Groups must purchase tickets for any of our events, and you’ll earn 10% commission plus an influencer fee of £32.50 when orders are confirmed. To quality as a group there must be 10 or more people and a confirmed order.  


     When purchasers are ready to confirm a group order, simply give them your (ICC) Influencer Coupon Code. Purchasers will place your (ICC) Influencer Coupon Code in the (coupon Code field) on our website receiving a 10% group sales discount and guess what; we'll match the discounted amount as commission payable to the influencer plus an influencer fee of £32.50! Our website has a purchasing limit up to 20 tickets at one time; so, if your group is over 20 people, contact us directly and we’ll create an electronic invoice with your (ICC) Influencer Coupon Code populated to forward onward to your purchaser. A completed transaction equals a qualified commission. We value and understand the diligence it takes organizing and appreciate the partnership with our influencers and are open to discuss commission renegotiations based on large sales and transaction volumes.


     (ICCs) are unique, a combination of numbers and letters and can be something chosen by you when registering to become an influencer. (ICCs) should only be used in accordance to the conditions set forth. Warning: (ICCs) are valid for any order made on our website; but we’ll cancel and refund any order that was used with an (ICC) to discount an order that wasn’t for a group order. Example: If your (ICC) was used to discount 2 VIP Tickets; the transaction will be cancelled and refunded, and a violation/strike will be placed against the (ICC) and the influencer. The Shilohway box office monitors all transactions and will penalize any influencer using codes against policy. If we suspect an (ICC) is being used against policy, we may suspend the code and reach out to the influencer to validate recent transactions; if the influencer cannot verify activity, the box office will suspend the (ICC) including refunding orders and cancel/block tickets. If there are any discrepancies with ticket holders in these matters, we will refer all concerns back to the influencer, as (ICCs) are populated on all final receipts.  


     To alleviate violations and the termination of an (ICC); we highly recommend influencers to not share and/or publish their codes to the general public; only share your (ICC) with a purchaser at the time of transaction. This is to ensure their transaction was confirmed and processed, alleviating any unauthorized transactions toward the termination of codes used without consent or invalid transactions. We only ask influencers to be responsible with their (ICC) and you’ll be able to see extra money come your way!


     Let’s discuss how we pay commission; our reporting week begins Monday thru Sunday; therefore, commissions are paid weekly on the Friday following the confirmed event. For example: If you have a group attending a show on Saturday and Sunday. You will receive your earned commission on the coming Friday. If you have a group attending a show on Thursday, you will not receive commission the next day (Friday) as the reporting is still open and wouldn’t close until Sunday; therefore you’ll receive commission the following Friday after the reporting week has closed. Commissions can be electronically transmitted via PayPal or BACS, if you prefer a check to be mailed, we can do that too! Again, we value the work it takes to organize and appreciate the partnership with our influencers!

     Registration is simple and easy, just send us some required information about yourself and when you receive your ICC shortly after. If we require further information, we’ll reach out to you directly, and if you require anything from us, to assist with engaging your followers or supporters just let us know - REGISTER NOW